Hunter's Moon: The next full moon after the Harvest Moon, so called because of the extra light provided to hunters stalking their game on these evenings.

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The things my company does.


Security / Burglar Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

I do design work in all three fields having grown up in the security and Fire alarm business I have many years experience with over twelve of it being field work and the last six branching into design of the various systems.  My father the owner of the businesses has over 30 years experience in all manners of the Security and Fire alarm business started DSC Security 25 years ago,  this company has become a family venture and we are proud to bring the service to you.

The Domes is a little different having been an interest Darrell had for years, he found a school teaching how to build them and that's where we all went, I was learning to design them the next week, well that was twelve years ago and the interest has only grown as has our experience. 


My days are full of love and laughter.


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